Documentary | 50 min
produced in:
Belgium, Canada
Holland, China| 2008
HDV| Color

Sameer Farooq
Ursula Engel
Stijn Deklerck
China Production Manager:
Wei Jian Gang
Wang Hao
Bai Song
Sound Design:
Patrick Becker

The Embassy of
Belgium Beijing
The European Older
People's Platform (AGE)
, EU
Koning Boudewijnstichting, BE
Modern Chinese Art
Foundation (MCAF)
, BE
Point de Vue, CH
Red Gate Gallery, PRC
Small Steps (China), PRC
Vlaams Ouderen Overleg
Komitee (Vlaams OOK)
, BE

• MAX/Nederland 2
(television broadcast)
The Netherlands |2008
• Guangzhou International
Documentary Film Festival
(GZ DOC), official selection
China | 2008
• Antwerp Filmmuseum,
Belgium | 2008
• DOXA, Canada | 2009
I Want
to Grow Old
in China
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A park in China’s capital where early each morning a stunning multimedia spectacle takes place performed by the city’s elderly. From gymnastics to disco-dancing, bird training to singing, together they have a hunger for living in their later years. ‘I Want to Grow Old’ in China highlights the spontaneity, passion, diligence and poetry created in one small piece of Beijing. By following the story of four outstanding figures, the documentary offers an alternative view of growing old. Despite their age, they are obsessed with performing and learning, creating a unique situation where longevity meets performance.